Agenda: Defend Your Organization*

Tuesday, OCTOBER 1

8:00AM - 9:00AM

Registration & Breakfast

9:00AM - 9:45AM

Identifying Your Threat Landscape & Assessments

According to an ISACA and DMDII study, “75% of manufacturing organizations have a program in place to promote cybersecurity awareness among their employees, but only 37% believe that their programs are very to completely effective.” While the increase in cyber threats is rising, an even more alarming statistic is that “a 1.8 million cyber worker shortage is anticipated by 2022.” This session will take a deeper dive into the threat landscape and what to look for going into 2020.

The Cloud: Is It a Threat or Enabler?

Smart factories deliver efficiencies and productivity to your company and your customers. But they also open the door to additional risk posed by the quantity of data produced. Eddy Saad, Industry Technology Strategist with Microsoft, will discuss the measures Microsoft employs to identify and protect your Azure infrastructure and data from rapidly evolving threats using machine learning, behavioral analytics, and application-based intelligence.  

9:45AM - 10:45AM

Eddy Saad Industry Technology Strategist,  Microsoft

Eddy Saad
Industry Technology Strategist,


10:45AM - 11:00AM


11:00AM - 11:45AM

Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity

  • Fred Hobbs, Cybersecurity Director and Nuvera IT Manager, Hyster-Yale Group

As your products create data to assist your customers (and you) via IoT enablement, what is needed to defend against ever-evolving cyber risks? During this session, Fred Hobbs will address the strategic thinking that is critical in the product planning phase to ensure safety now, and for the long-term.

Fred Hobbs Cybersecurity Director and Nuvera IT Manager, Hyster-Yale Group

Fred Hobbs
Cybersecurity Director and Nuvera IT Manager, Hyster-Yale Group


11:45AM - 12:45PM

Cognitive Security: Protecting Unstructured Data

Unstructured data makes up 80% of an organization’s data, with that number expected to grow at the rate of 55% to 65% per year. Cognitive security identifies trends and algorithms, providing security analysts key insights that they otherwise weren’t able to obtain. People use experience and learning to adapt quickly. The new era of cognitive security helps arm systems and security teams with the collective knowledge and insights to respond to threats faster, at a larger scale, and with enhanced confidence in the approach. Learn more about the latest advancements in cognitive security and hear about manufacturing companies who have implemented these new systems.

12:45PM - 1:45PM


1:45PM - 2:45PM

Cyber Attack Case Study

Hear about a cyber attack from a fellow manufacturer who was resilient enough to come share the company’s story.

2:45PM - 3:45PM

Ignite Session

Join fellow manufacturing leaders in the internal audit space to discuss the issues important to you. Have candid conversations with peers to help you solve your most pressing challenges. Attendees will have the opportunity to provide suggestions for discussion topics.

3:45PM - 4:30PM

Cybersecurity Insurance

At a recent World Economic Forum conference, a leading scholar noted that cyber-attacks “will only worsen as the looming roll-out of the Industrial Internet of Things, or digitally connected factories and supply chains, will create ‘a vast open surface area’ where hackers can find easy entry.” Manufacturers constantly walk a tightrope of preventing and responding to cyber-attacks.

Do you know what to do if you get hacked? Operations shut down by ransomware? Executive leadership impersonated and disseminating misinformation to the public, your customers, and your staff? Speakers will share stories from manufacturing companies as well as provide an update on the latest threats faced by your colleagues.

4:30PM - 6:00PM

Networking Reception


8:00AM - 9:00AM


9:00AM - 9:45AM

Regulations & Framework

Existing and pending international, federal, state, and local legislation, along with current regulations, create a management, audit, and compliance challenge across an entire organization. We will dive into what manufacturers should be monitoring, what is coming in 2020, and what is anticipated to impact manufacturing companies in the future.

9:45AM - 10:45AM

Phishing Dark Waters: Don’t Get Hooked

Join world-renowned social engineer and “human hacker,” Chris Hadnagy, as he shares insight on the increasingly important and evolving topic of social engineering and its effect on both individual employees and whole companies. Attendees will take away actionable steps on how their manufacturing organizations can become and remain educated, maximize testing, and keep their people safe when faced with the four vectors of social engineering.

Christopher Hadnagy CEO, Founder, & Chief Human Hacker, Social-Engineer, LLC

Christopher Hadnagy CEO, Founder, & Chief Human Hacker,
Social-Engineer, LLC


10:45AM - 11:00AM


11:00AM - 11:45AM

Cyber Metrics & ROI

There is no question CIOs are interested in more than “what is the ROI on cyber investments?” It is difficult to measure and even more challenging to monetize. Most organizations do not have the resources to complete a deep-dive analysis yet are expected to provide insights to executives as they consider the bottom line. This session will address how manufacturers can measure its cyber program with limited resources.

11:45AM - 12:30PM

Insider Threat Programs

Manufacturing is one of the top five industries with the highest percentages of insider threat incidents and privilege misuse, according to the Insider Threat Report recently published by Verizon. Hear from a leading manufacturer on how they monitor and mitigate these threats.

12:30PM - 1:30PM


1:30PM - 2:15PM

Microsegmentation for Cybersecurity

Preventing lateral movement is a primary use case for network segmentation and microsegmentation. This session will address how microsegmentation can influence an organization’s cybersecurity framework.

2:15PM - 3:00PM

Cyber Attack Case Study

The question many manufactures face is not if they will be attacked, but when – and there is no shortage of recent examples of cyber attacks quickly escalating to a corporate crisis. This session will showcase how manufacturers handle cyber attacks and the immediate steps that should be taken when one occurs.

* Agenda is subject to change.