Doug Clare

Doug Clare leads FICO’s product team for Cyber Security Solutions, coordinating the efforts of FICO’s data scientists, software developers, and a significant partner network to achieve FICO’s vision for the application of advanced, self-learning analytics to detect emerging and evolving cybersecurity threats, and to provide accurate, transparent, and forward-looking analytic tools for cyber risk quantification. 

Prior to joining FICO’s Cyber Security Analytics initiative, Clare was responsible for FICO’s fraud management solutions. FICO’s fraud solutions leverage insights from a fraud data consortium comprised of more than 9,000 participating financial institutions. They also leverage much of FICO’s most innovative intellectual property, including more than 100 patents—granted and pending—that focus on streaming analytics approaches, self-learning algorithms, and advanced anomaly detection techniques. He is now charged with leveraging and extending these assets to create new, unique value in cyber risk quantification and cybersecurity threat detection.